What About Al?

Everyone has a story. Not everyone has the same experiences. Everyone only knows what they have experienced in the capacity that they have been through any experience in their life. If you have never witnessed a hardship then your hardship will only be as rough as your first hard times you come upon. This does not mean you cannot try to have empathy or compare to a situation of someone else. It does mean however that you will never know what someone else has been though in that same extent. No matter who you are. We are all unique individuals, living this life as we all only know how. Not even as we know best. Sometimes as best we can at the point in time, sometimes toeing the line just to get by. You cannot judge an individual by this. Because inside of their head millions of moments have passed through. You don’t know what moments have stuck. What moments will stick with them forever. What will trigger them to be happy and will trigger them to let go. This is a collection of my moments. As best as I can remember, as best as I want them shared, and as best as I word them. How you choose to feel about them I truly respect. There is no right or wrong. We live in a black and white world with a gray sky. Open your mind to the possibilities of what the words are saying. But mostly, thank you for reading.