Will shake you

It will grab you and take you by surprise sometimes

Just when you think everything is fine… BAM

Friday February 2nd I had to get a chest catheter port as all my veins in my arms are wrecked, hollow, collapsed and rolling as soon as they are touched with a needle.

I’ve been doing IV infusions for one month now, just three times a week but it’s keeping me going. I’m even eating again.

But now I spend my days laying in a bed, muscles atrophying, or in a chair hooked up to tubes keeping me hydrated so I don’t crap out randomly.

2 hours of ice cold fluid streaming through my veins. Bloating you up like a balloon stretching your shoes and pants. Barely being able to drive home because you just want to roll back up in the fetal position or throw everything they just pumped into you out.

Everyday is getting harder. And this is only the beginning.


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