Do I have eating disorder?


I have stress.


Physical pain.

My body does not process food the same way another persons does.

I eat all through out the day.

I only weigh 100 and change lbs on a really good muscular day.

I don’t need to justify this to you.

Because the world has distorted the view of what the body should look like is not my problem.

Because you bought into it is yours.

I love my body.

I am proud I no longer eat just through a feeding tube.

I am proud I am no longer on a liquid only diet.

I may be the living skeleton of Al, but I am living.

To be alive is what I am grateful for.

My diet should not concern anyone but me or my doctors.

So next time you look at someone struggling with weight issues, know they have a story.

Think about that before you think about the judgements or questions that come to mind.

Don’t trigger. Don’t push. Be grateful and excited for them. Because they are also alive. 

And to still be alive, I am finding out, is one of the greatest adventures to wake up to daily. 

But that my friends, is a post for another day. 

That main picture was me a year ago. This is me now. 

Love yourself and others šŸ’ž


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