What is it?

How does it feel?

Ask just about anyone on this earth.

It is not a stigma. It is not out of the norm. It is not something to be whispered about. 

Anxiety is perfectly normal. 

That awful feeling. The world shrinking in on you. Not being able to breathe. A simple word, thought, picture, sound triggering every emotion in your body.

Do not be ashamed.

This is you.

This is us.

We have all experienced this.

Not all of us know. Not all of us want to know. 

Some are embarrassed. Why?

Feelings are natural. Emotions are normal.

Absence of emotion is outside of our nature of humanity. 

Do not be ashamed. Do not be embarrassed.

Embrace your emotions.

Cry daily. Scream. Curl in a ball. Sit in the corner. Wrap yourself up in the arms of a loved one.

Be close to someone or something.

Anxiety is natural. Embrace your humanity.

Don’t be afraid to talk about it. 

You are you. Love yourself for that. 


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