Skinny Love

There was a time I couldn’t imagine getting past life.

I weighed 80 lbs. I radiated love and life. I gave it all.

I gave my life. Every inch of what I had. My blood. My sweat. My tears.

My love. My compassion. My empathy. My life.

I broke myself.

No one gave back.

I fell behind. I couldn’t stand. Pick myself back up.

Years this cycled. Friend to friend. Family to family. Lost and searching for the love I could never find. The love I have yet to find.

Softly spoken, someone held out their hands and caught me. Gently laid me down and let me rest. Raised me back up. Gave me back the love I had given away.

All the pieces of myself I lost over the years.

All the pieces of myself I broke.

I was born only to die. Yet I died and came back to life.

Through the hands of someone else’s giving hands.

Those hands I will not break to build me up more.

I will spend my whole life loving. Even to only die again.

For to die for love was the best life I could have lived.

And to live for nothing is the worst life I have yet lived.

So I’ll be waiting for you.

A skinny love that can radiate endless love.

That is me.


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